Am I nuts or not? UFO or NOT?

Photos taken june 19, 2019 15:40-15:45 local time.I did not notice the UFO:s when taking the photos. When I uploaded to my computer I saw them This blows my mind! Fake news or what? You decide! Full resolution when clicking on the photo twice.

How new laws of Alabama transforms intimacy

The advantages are many with the new abortion laws, says professor Dave Kishore at the Mayhem Institute of University of New Delhi. First of all, new but not unexpected family constellations may create an exciting atmosphere. Now it will be legal to call yourself both father and grand dad. This concept is old yes, but… Read more

Amazing Project: Giving Handjobs to the Homeless in L.A.

Homelessness is on the rise in Los Angeles, and a serious issue of concern worldwide. Some of the more innovative global projects are not only designed to provide shelter, or providing food to those faced with sleeping rough. By providing the healthy and natural activity of handjobs, gives the homeless the opportunity to empowerment which… Read more