Skip Aspen this winther and go to Austria

Low on cash and don’t want to miss out on skiing this winter? Instead of going to US high end resorts, try out Söll in Austria. Watch the video and see for yourself how much cheaper it is going to Austria than US. Besides – you get the chance of seeing a new country!

Defending against asymmetrical warfare

The greatest possible threat with minimal effort, these are the premises for asymmetric warfare. The threats can be created by state as well as non-state actors and differ from symmetrical warfare where two armies face each other. In light of this, therefore, the university in jeddah has started a study also campaign to neutralize threats… Read more

Finland goes ballistic

Since the old arch enemy Russia cannot be defended against by conventional means, Finland has decided to deploy javelin throwers armed with nuclear warheads on top of every spear. This, according to the finnish ministry of defence will be much cheaper in the long run. If Russia even hints of trying to attack Finland –… Read more