The Final Solution to Traffic Congestion

Increasing numbers of cities are having problems with traffic congestion. We see that the number of cars is growing sharply in countries such as China and India. The problem is also not linked to big cities; Small and medium-sized cities have also suffered from queues as a result of growing traffic. The biggest problem so… Read more

OPCW – Access denied to Douma

A fact-finding mission from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) access to the Syrian city of Douma became short-lived. The city was exposed about 10 days ago to a terrible gas attack against the civilian population. According to dubious sources that Trobber had contact with, unfortunately OPCW has now been forced to… Read more

Ritalin enters a new market

Ritalin has proven to be very effective against narrow-mindness and fall from high heights. The amazing result has been found in a joint study between the swedish board of trafficking, the regional psychiatry in Essex with the University of Cumbridge, UK, as the main advisor. The research has used suicide-related raccoons that tested ritalin for… Read more