Why you should not vote for Biden – 4 years of internal prosperity, safety and ethical guidance under Trump.

Since Trump took office, the United States’ unemployment rate has never been lower than it is today. People are at work and happier than ever before. Certainly the pandemic has worsened the numbers somewhat but is now on its way back with force and soon we will have the same low unemployment as earlier. Trump… Read more

Am I nuts or not? UFO or NOT?

Photos taken june 19, 2019 15:40-15:45 local time.I did not notice the UFO:s when taking the photos. When I uploaded to my computer I saw them This blows my mind! Fake news or what? You decide! Full resolution when clicking on the photo twice.

Israel-Palestine Solution Finalized

In accordance with the Stockholm Fort Bragg Agreement(SFBA), the state of Israel och the Palestinian Authority with blessings from Hamas in Gaza, has agreed on splitting the contended lands of Israel-Palestine into 22 separate states. All states will have port access to the mediterranean with the exception to one part which will have access to… Read more